Game Final Draft

The Female Fighter game depicts real life situations that occurs in the street when women walk alone in Egypt. The purpose of this game is to portray what it’s like to be placed in a situation where every way out and response leads to negative circumstances. In this game, there are several scenarios followed by 2 or 3 actions, each leading to the aftermath or the circumstances of the actions taken.

The following is a link to The Female Fighter game:

The following is a link of a blogpost about the first draft of the game:

After getting feedback from my professor and some men, I changed a few things that helped me improve my game and make it more professional and realistic. Firstly, I added a slide at the end of the game as a disclaimer that claims that those situations often happen in Egypt but one does not go through them twice a day. Such a change was very important because otherwise the game would be an exaggeration and foreigners can have a wrong perception of the safety in Egypt. Finally, I added a slide at the end of the game before the disclaimer that concludes the game and ends it for the player. Those were the only changes I have made in the Female Fighter game.

If I had more time and resources to create this game professionally, I would definitely ask more women about situations they’ve been through and the circumstances of their actions in depth in order to depict the situation in Egypt in more details. Also, I would add more results, one leading to the other which leads to the other… etc. Getting into details like this would have made the game more detailed and would have gotten the player in depth with the situation and what girls go through.

While creating this game I learned although women are always told to stay quiet when they are subjected to sexual harassment of any kind, it also has negative consequences because it makes men in the street think they are allowed to do whatever they please because women won’t react anyway. One of the most important things I learned through the feedback of one of my male friends was that he gets frustrated when he thinks about his girlfriend or mother being sexually harassed. This automatically got me thinking that if each man thought about his mother, sister or girlfriend before they say anything to a girl, they won’t act the way they do in the street, will think before they say anything or do anything. Finally, I learned that no matter how hard I try to make someone understand and experience something I go through, it’s never as intense and depicting the actual situation. As I watched others play the game, I noticed that some thought it was too much, some laughed and some said I was exaggerating. As much as I tried to convince them that those are real life situations that women I know went through, they’d still secretly think I’m exaggerating.


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