The Female Fighter Game

This game depicts different situations faced by women in the streets of Egypt. Each scenario is a true story that a woman went through. Will you be able to survive being a healthy woman in this country?

This is a link of my game:


Please play the game and I will be waiting on your feedback!



2 thoughts on “The Female Fighter Game

  1. Hey Nadine hope you’re doing fine.
    The topic of your game is very interesting and weirdly enough I can relate to it as i’m always worried of these scenarios when my mom or my girlfriend walk in the street.
    However there are some things that could be better .. Firstly when the man touches the girl in the street, there should’ve been an option of screaming as this is what’s more efficient in our country.
    Another thing is that the answers – I felt- the answers are repetitive.
    Once more the game is very interesting.


  2. Great game and v realistic scenarios and great writing style. Only feedback is to add a final slide with a disclaimer that though these things happen they’re not like… every single minute 🙂 But they do happen, I agree. And make sure last question eventually leads to the final slide.


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