My Game Idea

My game will be depicting the life of an Egyptian girl/woman walking in the streets of Egypt. Many of us get sexually assaulted in the streets without even wearing showy clothes. We should defend ourselves, right? Well defending ourselves can get us into much more trouble because responding can lead to violence from the man’s side. Unfortunately, men passing by can decide not to help or defend us because they know they won’t get away with it.

Women in Egypt grow up with the fear of walking the street on their own without a guy by their side. We have been told stories, experienced ones ourselves how as a girl we experience sexual harassment in our everyday lives, whether if it’s cat calling, looks, voices or even touches.

My game will be depicting situations where a girl is being sexually harassed, and given a series of actions to take while at the moment. Each option will lead to another showing all the negative and sometimes positive consequences of the action taken.


3 thoughts on “My Game Idea

  1. I love this game idea, and imagine you already have a lot of experience with this and so the game can build on your own experience. I do hope there will be both positive and negative experiences depicted in the game so that it is balanced, but also don’t shy away from being honest! Looking forward to seeing this game!!!


  2. I love the idea! You can also consider the other part of the story (why men harass in the first place? what comes to their mind when they start harassing?)… Good luck in your game!!


  3. Great, great idea! I’ve read some blogs and so far, this is the best one yet. I can kind of I see how the game is going to be and reading this blogpost has been very easy and delightful. I was very disappointed by some of the other past class students games because of the lack of good vocabulary & the sense that I’m reading some kind of official game, made by some kind of company, if you know what I mean. Good luck, will be waiting to play this game!


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