Empathy and Bias

After a week of discussing empathy and bias and doing activities in class, I learned that each one of us unconsciously leans towards a certain mindset about a group of people. Some of the activities done ic class made people speak about the attitudes that bother them the most in the people around them and how they could feel empathy towards the person to try and understand why they act this way. This activity was very interesting because I notices that some people couldn’t feel empathy at all and others could find a a dozen of reasons to let it go and understand why someone could feel this way. I felt that this activity made people open up and speak of things that bother them which actually broke the ice a bit in the class.

We also watched a video where Chimamanda Adichie called “The Danger of a Single Story”. The talk Adichie gave just got me thinking whether I think about a certain group of people in a way that is not correct because of a few stories I’ve heard, and as the video continued, I realized that I do. I do think that all Nigerians are poor, when there are rich ones. And I actually started thinking of internationals who always think that we live in pyramids and use camels as our source of transportation, which is not correct, but they’ve been exposed to such books and pictures since they were young. I started feeling empathy!



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