Twitter Scavenger Hunt

My experience of the Twitter Scavenger Hunt left me in awe of the way we can so easily communicate with people from all over the world through a simple click or touch on the phone. Getting to communicate with others from different countries all over the world made me feel out of the box and out there. This was my first time using twitter and I can say that it did not turn out to be as boring as I thought it was. I quickly learned to get along on twitter through this exercise and I found it easy to use. As a visual person and communicator I wouldn’t say twitter impressed me, but it helped me communicate with people I have never met, and the activity as a whole made it smooth and easy to get along with others on twitter.

I also found the activity of the “mystery object” interesting and served as an icebreaker at first with the others we are communicating with on twitter. It helped start off conversations with others we never connected with. Additionally, the more mysterious the object was, the more it brought up jokes and helped us socialize and blend with others.


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